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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Picture Planner is soooo cool, how come I don't own one already?
A: Sometimes good ideas come from strange places. You're here now -- everything's going to be fine.

Q: Sometimes a custom graphic doesn't show up for me. Why?
A: This can vary by platform (Macintosh, Windows) and by which program created or saved the graphic. The good news is you WILL be able to use your graphic. We suggest that you open the graphic in Picture Planner, copy it to your clipboard, paste it into another program, copy it again, then paste it back into Picture Planner.

Q: Picture Planner was working great, then I added some new custom graphics and everything got SLOW. Why?
A: It is possible that one or more of your graphics are very large (have large file sizes). In general, if your graphics are larger than 50 kB (fifty kilobytes), you need to reduce the file sizes.

Q: Why does Picture Planner sometimes quit on me?
A: Please check our system requirements for Macintosh or Windows computers. If you've met these requirements, Picture Planner should be VERY STABLE for you. Please check the FAQ items on custom graphics and graphic file sizes.

Q: Picture Planner won't even start for me. When I double click Picture Planner it looks like the program is going to start, then it quits. What gives?
A: This is a classic description of what happens when you don't have a default printer selected. See the explanation of how to fix this problem in our installation section for Macintosh or Windows computers.

Q: Why won't Picture Planner work with Windows NT 3.51?
A: The development software we use, 4D (Fourth Dimension) requires Windows NT version 4.0.

Q: How many people can use Picture Planner? How many activities can I build?
A: You are functionally unlimited in the number of activities and the number of users. Go ahead, try to prove us wrong.

Q: How do I request a new feature?
A: Send us an e-mail message; we're always looking to improve Picture Planner.


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